The Greater Manchester CaLoM challenge workshop will take place on the 9th March at Manchester University.

At the Manchester CaLoM Challenge event, eighty students from four schools will collaborate with a range of professionals, apprentices and university students to address two of the challenges that future Mars inhabitants will face:


Practical Challenge - Settlements to Live and Work In


Challenge: If people want to colonise Mars, they are going to need settlements to live and work in on the planet’s surface and they are going to require an initial energy supply:  

Initial Research Questions


What construction and advanced manufacturing technology, materials and structures that are currently available on earth could be taken on the approximately 37-million-mile journey and then withstand the rigours and challenges associated with day-to-day Martian life once they arrive?

What will a future Mars settlement require to meet the needs of the Mars inhabitants? Somehwere to work, sleep, relax?

Technical Challenge – Surveying Potential Sites for a Mars Habitat


Challenge: In order to assess the suitability of possible sites to establish the first Mars habitats, remote surveys will need to be carried out of the Mars landscapes  


Question: How can a survey of possible sites be carried out on Mars before anyone lands on Mars? 


Key Task – Students in teams of five will each research, design and build a Mars Rover and a control system that will allow them to remotely control their Mars Rover.


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